Fraud in the game

Fraud in the game
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Both the house, and the player, can cheat at the casino playing, and frequently. This is true in Europe, and in the United States, despite the fact that the house has no need to cheat.

All casino owners must do must sit back and let time and luck take care of their profits. Nevertheless, greed is rampant in the gambling world, and where there is enough greed, dishonesty will follow.

Resellers may still try to cheat the boss and the customer. If anyone in a big casino denies it, ask them why their establishments keep a look – a system of hidden walkways and mirrors – to allow management to watch its dealers.

All casinos have such a spy system, usually on a top floor, to allow observers to look down over the reseller’s shoulder. Even with these precautions, about four million dollars are stolen each year from Las Vegas casinos, many by employees.

Management in large resources allows a current “shrinkage” of 1 percent.

Bosses steal casinos, too, or try. To go with this, you must be a serious cheater, and it’s a dangerous business. You can easily curl up in jail if you’re caught with a set of scorecarded cards, funny dice, or bullion for slot machines.

If you are not willing to commit to a life of crime, forget about trying to put a surplus on any casino, anywhere.

As for the cheating dealers, the best you, as boss, can do is to watch closely, and know the game as the face of your own mother. There is, to be fair, a real effort on the part of big casino owners to stop the fraud.

In the case of Atlantic City, state and casino owners are determined not to descend on the same kind of debut that still haunts the history of Vegas casinos. One rule that has reduced fraud in Vegas is the provision that you can not play at a club where you work.

This goes for singers and choir girls, as well as for dealers, servers, owners – everyone.

It prevents for example a blackjack dealer, and singers, from teaming up to defraud the casino and the customers. It also prevents tempering moods by sometimes volatile entertainers who have just lost a whole week’s income to the crappy table.

Dealers who cheat get discovered on time, and fired. They usually do not get sued, but they do not work in the casinos anymore, either.

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